Thursday, December 7, 2017

Washington DC tourists

Well, I finally made it to our think of the powers at work here...there are the righteous fighting against the unrighteous, the influences are definitely working as you can see it all around here and in every country we have been too!

America-Egypt? What are these ancient pagan system doing here and why do we as Christians see things as the unrighteous see things...they call this pagan obelisk the Washington monument...I as a Christian do not see this as my monument for our first president but as a pagan object of worship that the LORD has forbidden!

Now, here is our Capital building where the righteous are to bring moral laws to our nation but here too are the ungodly who also battle for their causes!

What was refreshing was there is a new museum in the city...a rich American businessman built a Bible museum which gives the history of the bible but most interesting the effects of the bible in America!

Super Cool and very educational!!

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