Thursday, December 7, 2017

Back home to the California fires

Today we are still in Pittsburgh but will return to SoCal on Saturday but as you have seen on the News there are uncontrollable fires going on, we have our son in law and nephew battling these fires!

We have been in contact with our daughter Rachelle who's has been dealing our grandson Nico but now has her husband on the front lines in very dangerous conditions...he contacted her and told her he and his crew fought the fire for 40 hours straight and were completely wipe out, so tire and then had to sleep outside in the hills with temperatures at night that dropped to almost freezing points!

We got some pics of Robert in action here;

We ask if you would please pray for Robert's safety and my nephew Hugo too as they continue to battle the fire and are on mandatory stay as Robert is on his 5th day fighting and can stay mandatorily for 14 days before allowed to go home for rest.

Thanks for your prayers!

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