Sunday, December 10, 2017

Back to Sunny California

We once again got on to an airplane and with few hours of sleep made our way back to warm weather 

Pittsburgh had little bit of snow the last days there...the coldness is different than Germany, maybe it's a dryer-cold with a little breeze? 

But we with our grandsons in Pittsburgh went to a Christmas light show with music that you drive through in your car, it's a new tradition we have, and the kids loved it!

We then hung Christmas lights at home which the kids loved too!

Then, when coming back to SoCal we went with all our other grandkids even the older ones as the helped with their little cousins to walk them through the neighborhood looking at all the different homes that were decorated so nice!

Here is Opa with Nico, he was so happy that I was there with him to enjoy this Christmas time with him! Notice how creative the SoCal people are, they maded from a desert Tumbleweeds a snowman...that's how we do it out here!!

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