Saturday, March 24, 2018

A day out with my grandson

I had a wonderful day with my grandson Nico who many have been praying for as he still having epileptic seizures. I promised him to take him out and he was so excited to hang out with Opa.

Now, I wanted to bless him but don't know how much he can do yet and didn't want to make him feel like he can't or that I'm worrying about it, so I just trusted the Lord that He will take care of him on our day out and we were going to have fun!

I ended up taking to a Flee Market where they sell everything under the Sun and good food too!! So we have a traditional LA hotdog which is wrapped in bacon with grilled onions!! Yummy!

Nico loved this, we ate and then watched a concert from a Christian artists that sang oldies that he wrote in the former years and re- mixed it with Christian lyrics!!

Then, of course Opa brought him some things and he was so happy but more to just hang out with me for the day

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