Saturday, March 24, 2018

60th Birthday celebration

Well, I'm officially an old man, turned 60 and had a good time celebrating the day! One thing is my brother in law, he and my sister are the ones that lead Martha and I to the Lord in 1979 at CC Downey, his birthday is on my birthday!

So, they wanted to bless me for my birthday and his and took us to Phoenix, Arizona for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball spring training game. Wow, baseball once again!! Something I grew up with as a child, playing ball since five years old till I was in my 40's 

It was excellent weather, it was in my shorts and flip flops watching a game that I hadn't seen in a long time, but most of all with and family and friends as we ended up calling pastor Carlos and his wife Susie from Flagstaff as I found out his birthday is a day before mine and my brother in law' so we celebrated three birthdays of men of God on this trip!

We went to Carlos & Susie' new house that he has been building himself, he made it out of Adobe bricks and its in the desert part of Arizona totally opposite of their home in Flagstaff 

We had to drive through city of Sedona traveling from the south desert area to the north mountain area, from wearing shorts to putting on jackets!!

Sedona is a beautiful area!

So, celebrating my birthday was a fun time in Azizona and as we drove home we had good talks to catch up on and then had a party with my family!

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