Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The California warmth, from the weather and the family

As we left the cold weather coming in Germany to the freezing weather in Iceland we were now going to an extreme opposite weather!!

We had for the first few days temperatures 85f (29c) to 95f (35c) and it was a real shocking extreme...but I was loving every minute of it! Jimmy came over to bring our luggage the team brought for us and asked how I like the the new bright and sunny weather and I smiled and said I love it!

One thing I noticed and Martha too was that our hip / leg joints didn't hurt, the warm weather took it away...I know it to be true as we now flew to Pittsburgh where it's cold we got the pains back! It's amazing how that works??

But one thing I like about Pittsburgh it is very much influence by European lifestyle and my son in law James took us to all the good shop to buy European food...we are breaking away from Herbornseelbach slowly!!

The meats and cheeses were so good and the city very nice with amazing unity, the sports teams here is what unites this city like no other city in America, whether football, baseball or hockey but it made me think about the church of Jesus Christ...unity is important to win against the devil plans!!

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