Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Back in Good Old USA

Martha and I left Germany with sad hearts as we left so many we love and care for, we were running as we left to the airport to meet up with the CC Downey team that was to take extra luggage for us back to America.

We took off from Frankfurt to Iceland and was amazed at the land and how cold it was!!

We landed on Monday evening and we went to dinner with my mom, sister and nice afterwards looked through our luggage trying to find something to wear to bed! We were very tired and ready for a good sleep!

Tuesday was a day of unpacking things and have visitors come by to say welcome home! We prepared for the next day for our daughters birthday and shopping for Thursday, Thanksgiving Day in where family gathered and we had a great feast!

Then, we had our second Thanksgiving dinner at James and Jenell's house in Pittsburgh...both California & Pittsburgh were special times with our kids and grandkids!

What a great start for our new adventure!!

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