Friday, January 19, 2018

Being light in a dark place!

I think most would remember part of my testimony of being a young man who hung out at a house with a friend and we would take every kind of drugs possible! The guy name is Elliot and I recieved a call from my best friend Mike that visit us in Germany that Eliot had died!!

It was in Eliot's dark room where light reached in and open my eyes of understanding... From that point I was saved and left that room and never to do drugs again! But Eliot's ex-wife was also a girl I went to school with, kindergarten to 8th grade.

Eliot was an atheist and I had tried sharing the gospel with in the years past but he wanted nothing to do with his ex-wife wanted to have a memorial service for him and therefore back into darkness I went, as Mike encouraged me to go and that we can be light in darkness and I said lets the memorial was held in a bar and many bikers were there!

The seeds were planted and Eliot's ex-wife told me that of all the friends he had that he spoke of me and even though he didn't believe in God that he respected and saw a difference in my and Martha's life and spoke good of us!

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